Application Update Checker

General Description

Diet Studio is actively developed software. Quite a few useful features are mandatory to make the application the user best choice. New data and researches in the food and health studies are coming every day. Application Update Checker keeps users up to date with all the information and notifies about valuable changes and improvements.


Application Update Checker automatically requests predefined URL with posted updates in the web browser. Request contains current version information to retrieve only missing updates. User receives up to date confirmation in the case if there is no update required.

Based on the previous updates schedule and the development speed the update check is performed once per month to reduce annoying web browser pop up. The time interval can be adjusted in the Settings Manager

Besides that, user has option to check update manually from application menu.

The current Application update report for version 1.0.3 shown here:

If your application is up to date you will receive following confirmation:

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