Settings Manager

General Description

Diet Studio provides unified way to proceed with application settings through Settings Manager. Current application configuration is stored in config.xml file in the application folder. Settings Manager retrieves current settings from this file or uses default values if the file is missing.


Select application menu Tools/Settings item to access Settings Manager dialog.

The dialog box has adjustable size to fit all necessary settings. It has two panels. See examples below for reference.
Tree control on the left side provides navigation within settings sections and all settings are grouped by sections. The right side panel provides access to the settings of the current section.

Tool tip with setting description should show up if you place mouse pointer over the setting control.

Press Exit button at the bottom of left side panel to close Settings Manager. You will be prompted to save modifications in case of any change made.

Help button opens this help article.

Diet Studio Settings

General Section:

  • Load Last Profile - at start up of the application last Profile will be opened. Setting type: boolean.
  • Units - switch default units between kg/cm and lb/inch. These units will be initially set where it is required. It could be customised later for specific person, needs, etc. Setting type: choice one of kg/cm, lb/inch.
  • Smart Hierarchy Depth defines the maximum nesting level of the food groups. See details here.
  • Smart Hierarchy Size defines minimum number of items to group. See details here.
  • Use Full Title setting forces full food title shown at the lowest level. See details here.
General Settings

Section Update:

  • Last Check Date is the date when the last update was done. Next update will be in Time Interval from that date. Setting type: read only.
  • Time Interval sets interval for new updates availability. Setting type: choice one of month, week, or day options.
Update Settings