Diet Studio Reference

The Diet Studio Reference provides information on general structure and main features of the application. Use this portion of the documentation to learn user interface elements used to input required data as well as how and where these data are used.

General Description

Whether you follow specific diet or general nutrition recommendations you need control over multiple factors. Diet Studio application is designed to help you manage data that have influence on your diet. The application does not target any specific diet but provides set of tools and features that help with common tasks. Here is how it works. You define diet input parameters such as consumed foods and nutrients you want to control or observe. The application retrieves additional data associated with this input from data source file, performs some calculations and represents it in order to provide information for further decisions.

Diet Studio represents data as set of Views. Each View contains data related to the certain diet aspect. There are six views available at the moment.

Diet Studio represents data using Report extension.

Application Update Checker allows current user stay up to date with new developed features, data updates, etc.

You can use Settings Manager to adjust Diet Studio to your needs. It makes application more flexible, easy to use and suitable for wide audience.