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Diet Studio v 2.0.2

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Release Notes

Diet Studio version 2.0.0 introduced new approach based on user profile. Files created with old version of the application can be opened with some data loss. Imported data can be moved within profile using Copy/Paste operations.

Standard reports were integrated and are accessible from the application menu. Custom report subsystem temporary is unavailable.

Profile approach eliminated need for default nutrients set so it was removed.

Set of available nutrients was reduced to the Nutrition Facts table on prepackaged foods to be able use products outside data source in future.

System Requirements

The application design for following operating systems:
- Windows XP;
- Windows Vista;
- Windows 7.

Minimum recommended hardware requirements:
- CPU (processor): P4 1.2 GHz;
- RAM (memory): 512 Mb;
- HDD (hard drive): 20 Mb.
The application runs on computers with lower resources but some features may take significant time to completion.